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Frequently Asked Questions

Teens4Biz is run by teens for teens. We're the go-to-place for biz ideas. Join our family. You don't have to be a gadget geek. You don't have to dream of doing BIG things. If you do - before you start the next Apple, Google, Red Cross or PeaceCorps - maybe you should learn some finance basics. What's a budget? What's the difference between a credit and debit card? How do you read a phone bill or paycheck? What's a non-profit? What's networking? What's fundraising? What's a meetup? (a huge networking marketplace where you can find virtually any group - from backpackers to guitar lovers).

Who can join Teens4Biz?

Any teen. Anywhere. Dreamers. Innovators. Sophisticated. Unsophisticated. Underprivledged. Privledged.  Bold. Spirited. Quirky. Shy. Confident. Modest. Gadget-obsessed. Gadget-phobes. Just be curious, energized and motivated. Are you in the mood for a brain adventure? Are you willing to discover how business affects almost every part of your life -- from how your teacher runs the classroom to why car insurance and colleges cost so much? Gettting teens like you excited is why we created

What can I learn? 

We offer a cafeteria of exciting ideas, useful resources and guidance.  You'll discover that biz is not only useful, but fun.  You'll find out the power of etiquette -- from a sincere "thank you" to dressing for success. You'll learn group dynamics and how to motivate others. You'll learn about publicity and marketing (the art of creating desire for something).  You'll find out that becoming financially literate can be fun.

Why care about social responsibility, fundraising & teamwork?

Helping others gives you more than you can give them. Do you want to learn how to put "fun" into fundraising? There are lots of cool causes that need your help. Volunteer or launch your own organization. Gather your friends, exchange biz ideas, create chemistry - and you'll discover that teamwork works.  Don't get tangled up wasting time. Forget Instagram. Stop texting and start thinking, volunteering and contributing.

Why should I learn public speaking skills?

The art of public speaking and selling yourself can help you impress your teachers, friends, and  job interviewers. Coaches (like volunteers from Toastmasters) can show you how to prepare, use your voice, and deliver a winning talk. You might excite your audience ... or bore them. So what if you make mistakes? So what if you feel nervous? We all do. With coaching and practice, you're sure to improve.

What can guest speakers & visiting businesses teach me? 

Visit a local TV station, hospital, clothing store, restaurant or tech company and imagine working there. Discover how non-profits work. Meet business owners. Meet web designers. Nurses. Teachers. Chefs. Learn about their jobs. As the world gets smaller, with biz smarts your job opportunities can get bigger. 

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